... dedicated to BioFuel and BioDiesel solutions.

Wastewater use

Solving city problems.

Agrofuel takes municipal grey and blackwater, running it through an adaptable, integrated system to maximise profit using a unique wastewater solution.


Global exposure and innovative partnerships give Agrofuel the means to take on multiple, diverse projects.

Agrofuel in brief

Giving companies and governments a responsible, skilled partner in waste- and wastewater management.

Founded in the U.K., February 2008. Built on the Directors' experience and contacts and the work of Indian, Egyptian and European research and commercial partners. Now involved in projects worldwide including the MENA region, SE Asia and more.

This website gives an overview of Agrofuel's expertise to lend prospective partners and interested research institutes an idea of how Agrofuel can help your business or city in effective waste management, along with BioFuel production and sales.

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Our main purpose

Commercialise successful research and technology in the field of waste management and BioDiesel production.

New service overview

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